Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cheryl Wheeler

I went to a concert at Swallow Hill with my cousin, Dave, and his girl friend, Cris, last night. We went to see Cheryl Wheeler who I thought I had seen before but I must not have or I would have been a lot more excited about going. She was so funny. When she was describing her 19 year old cat, I was laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face and couldn't breathe. Then she sang a song about the cats' birthday that at least I could breathe through but it was pretty funny and I'll need to have a copy of it at some point. She had several really funny songs (one about potatoes to the tune of The Mexican Hat Dance that Dave hates because he always gets it stuck in his head).
She always seemed so perplexed to have written them. Apparently her brain just takes off with her and she has no control over what it comes up with. She had another song about feeling guilty about, well, just about everything, and it was scary how closely it resembled some of the garbage that cycles through my head.
She has obviously been performing forever and is very comfortable with the audience. She had initially sort of hobbled onto the stage and when the concert was winding down she said that the way it is supposed to work is that she will play her last song and then walk off and then walk back on for an encore. She asked that we just pretend that she had gone and come back as she was happy to do the singing part but the walking part was a problem. It was a nice, casual concert and I'll definitely want to go see her when she comes again.
Just found this video on youtube of her singing a song called "Your God". It's kind of an odd video, the pictures are stills. The song is what's important though and there are words and a little bouncing ball in case you'd like to sing along.

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