Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to trim a dogs nails using a dremmel

How to trim a dogs nails using a dremmel tool. Also explains the correct angle (flat, up and down rather than at an angle). Very long explanation but very complete. I tried this on Bosco's nails, pushing treats the whole time. It seemed to work well and he was really good about it. It's much better than using clippers. I've let his nails get too long because I'm afraid of clipping down too far and hurting him. I'm hoping I can keep his nails in better shape than I do mine. This same lady reccomends these dog boots which look pretty good. Made of neoprene like a wet suit with a wicking liner and rubber soles. Pricy though. If I ever need them these will be the ones tho have. . They also make harnesses for animals that need help walking which I hope I never need but it's good to know about.

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