Wednesday, October 24, 2007

These are all from, a large site with lots of great stuff. I've marked my favorites here for future reference.

Halloween recipes. The eyeballs and the pumpkin balls sound good.

Pumkin cake and spider cake

I like the tootsie pops and the icecream cone surprises. I think it might work well to use the wafer type pointed cones and make witches hats.

I like the bat cookies (of course) and the R.I.P. cupcake

Some decorating ideas here. The helium balloon idea might be good behind one of those thin, frosted type bathroom curtains. I like the psycho idea too.

More decorations. I love the glowing table with the fan underneath and the masks in jars.

Expanding on the R.I.P. doormat it would be fun to make gravestones out of them with names and dates. A bunch of those cheap foam ones might work

Little glow sticks on helium balloons outside and scary eyes in the bushes

Cute witch crashed into a tree. I love it that she was reading Harry Potter

The jokes are cute and I haven't heard a lot of them.

Funny photos. The last one's a hoot.

Oh dear.


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