Saturday, December 01, 2007

Baby bouquet out of Booties

I knew this had to be out there somewhere. How to make those baby shower bouquets out of booties.
I think it would be fun to just do one as a decoration on top of the gift box too.
Now I just need to find one on how to make them out of onesies.
And, I'd not heard of this one, The Diaper Cake.
Other ideas elsewhere on the same site.
OK, apparently the guy who owns "The Baby Bunch" was on Martha Stewart and showed how to make the big bouquet. Looks like there is a video too. If the link won't work, cut and paste it or go to and run a search on "Baby Bunch Bouquet"

After watching the very short little video I'm feeling pretty confident. Looks easy.
I think I like little sprigs of baby's breath tucked in with the "roses" rather than the little silk roses. They seem, to me, unecesarry and take away from the concept.


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