Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Out of My Mind"

Still reading "Army of Davids" but also listening to Alan Watts in the car. I haven't thought of him in years but saw a set of CDs in a catalog and ordered them at the library. I think they're called "Out of My Mind" and were recorded at seminars held in his home on an old ferry boat in near San Francisco. (Why do I keep thinking I'd love to live on a boat? I don't know anything about boats. I get sea sick.) It's himself speaking and he has this sort of lazy, inebriated laugh and sounds like Peter O'Toole.
As I imagine him, he's slouching in an old upholstered chair, rattling ice around in a glass of scotch. And looking like Peter O'Toole.
I must have gotten a lot more out of his books than I realized. His words sound like what I've come to believe about life and death and reality over the years. He's very good. I'll go find a link for the CD's once I get access to the internet but right now I either have to sit on the back porch with the computer in my lap or go plug in downstairs in the kitchen.


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