Friday, January 05, 2007

Biomotion Lab Point-Light Gender Study

This is interesting. I went to this website (Biomotion Lab) and clicked on the link to participate in a study (Point-Light Gender Study) to see how accurate you can be guessing the sex of someone just from the way they walk.
I didn't do as well as I thought I had (I got 102 out of 143). Some of the figures are obviously one or the other. Women with lots of hip movement, or that choppy walk some get when they wear high heels. Or the ones doing that, one foot in front of the other, model walk were definitely women. Some of the men had an overmuscled, neanderthal type walk and tended to roll back and forth.
It's a fun little test to do. Takes about 7 minutes. You just click on male or female when they show you a 2 second clip of someone walking. Obviously taken from real subjects and then broken down into a stick figure with points of light at major joints so that you only have the way they move as a cue.


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