Sunday, December 24, 2006

Haunted When It Rains: The Book Of The Dead

I'm not sure how I found this site called: Haunted When It Rains: The Book Of The Dead.
Someone did it as a school project at Arizona State University and it consists of 20 photos of dead people from the Victorian era. Creepy, but also eerily compelling, I couldn't quit turning the pages.
Some of them are laid out on beds or couches or, like our own family's Loretta, in cribs. Some are propped up, usually children, or held in arms if infants. Several had their eyes open. Unbelievably sad. All are black and white, of course. Some are hand tinted.
My Mother's brother took pictures of my Mom in her coffin, when I was 10, and sent some to us. I threw them away when I moved out of the house I grew up in. What I remember about her in her coffin is that she wasn't wearing her glasses, which I never saw her without, and they had used the wrong shade of lipstick on her. That and that awful, frilly, white satin lining.
My Paternal Grandmother had a picture taken of her infant daughter because she wanted at least the one picture of her. She looks like she's sleeping. We still have it.
The site is fascinating, both for the pictures as well as for the feelings they evoke.
The site I linked to it from had a warning: These will break your heart.



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