Monday, February 19, 2007

Folding Pages

So I tried the folded page sculpture. The simple one turned out OK so I thought I had it hammered. However, my second try, on the more complex folds, was pretty much a disaster. It was surprisingly difficult to keep my folds even.
On the bigger one, you have to fold and then unfold each page and then go back at the end and refold everything, otherwise it gets too tight to fold.
I'll try again but not anytime real soon.
The instructional video was not very helpful. I think the guy who demonstrated it had been coerced into it and decided to do the bare minimum. "Here, foldoncefoldtwicefoldthreetimes. There, now do it five hundred more times."
I used to have an old book called, I think, fun with paper. It had really good instructions on how to make these things but I got rid of it during one of my 'Oh, I can get it at the library" type purges.
The guy in the video did mention it was done by a '"prison lady" so I guess she had nothing better to do.



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