Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is the best paper airplane. It's really more of a paper stealth plane. It flies really fast and far. Even if you don't get it perfect (which I didn't) it still flies better than any other I've made. Mine veers off to one side but it flies great. I'm not big on paper airplanes, I've never tried any of the really complicated ones in a paper airplane books, but this is quick and simple enough to just whip up while you're sitting at a desk. Besides flying really well it's look is rather elegant. It's recommended that you use notebook paper rather than copier paper because it's thinner and that makes it fly better. You do have to download the directions in a file (which I hate to do) but it's worth it I flew my first one off of the 3rd floor balcony and it was flying really well except it veered off into the roof and got stuck in the gutters. You are supposed to use a good quality stapler and staples (I didn't realize there was a difference) so I may have to sneak down to Mary Dean's office and use hers on the next one. If you use the link to Construction Pictures you can kind of see what it involves. There are more detailed descriptions with really good diagrams and a template for the curve in the down loadable instructions.


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