Friday, August 10, 2007

Addicted to Home Shows

I've become addicted to the home shows on HGTV. I'm watching "While You Were Out" and they are doing a house for this guy who is a tapdancer. They made him an alarm clock. His girlfriend put on tap shoes and they recorded her feet dancing for about thirty seconds and then her face comes into the screen and says "Wake Up" and they run it on his computer and that serves as his alarm clock. Very clever and he loved it. It may have been one of the designers who did the tap dance but it makes a better story if it was his girlfriend.
They also used disembodied maniquin hands mounted on the wall for hat hangers and hung old tap shoes and old ballet slippers on the wall with a frame over them them so the shoes (really old beat up ones) were framed. They hung a magnifing glass with the tap shoes, I don't know why, but it looked good. Kind of ornate frames.

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