Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nat Sherman Cigarettes

I was reading an article in Discover about a real life House type character. A physician named Thomas Bolte who likes to take on puzzling cases.
The article was talking about how he tries to get to know his patients and that one of them smoked Nat Sherman cigarettes. There was a link, Nat Sherman cigarettes. and having never heard of these and wondering what made them special, I clicked on it. Interesting. Made with very high quality tobaccos with no added chemicals. There are some that are black with gold tips for "evening wear" and some that come in pretty, bright colors. Seems like they could make an interesting character detail.
Oddly enough, there was an episode of House where House prescribes one cigarette a day (no more, no less). I can't remember what the disease was though. Maybe I'll see if anyone knows at AskMetafilter.

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