Friday, September 22, 2006

Mutter Museum of Medical Curiosities

The Mutter Museum. I was watching this show on one of the cable channels about this medical museum that started out as the Philadelphia School of Medicine. It looks interesating. Sort of like Ripleys Believe It Or Not but with real things. Lots of skulls and skelletons, old medical instruments. Sounds like my kind of place. I'm sure they have a website, I'll have to find it.
The Mutter Museum Found a link to it on which is a site that has all those odd things that are fun to go visit like The Corn Palace. Ok, now I'm browsing around in the Alabama section. This sounds interesting too.

Mysterious Crying tree
Old database note: Since April 12, 1981, on a narrow dirt road to Linnie Jenkins' home, a puppy-like whimper has been emanating from a huge Pecan tree. Escaping gases? [Roadside America Team, 03/24/2001] - Butler, Alabama

Haunted Agricola Cemetery
An old, supposedly haunted cemetery.....It will give you chills just to drive through....My husband wouldn't even get out of the truck! Gotta See! [McEntire, 01/26/2001]
(Haunted Agricola Cemetery: Dadeville, AL Directions: Off Hwy. 49S, take hwy. 34E about 3 miles. It will be on your left and is only marked with a small wooden (painted white) sign. ) -Dadeville, Alabama

Snake Handling Church
Old Straight Creek Church. This is a snake handling church WHICH WELCOMES CURIOUS VISITORS. The Rev. James Hatfield and his wife Joyce invited us as observers only to cone to their Revival a couple of weeks ago. They understand that many people are curious about this practice. We went, and we saw it all. Rattlesnakes handled during the service - several of them. There was a documentary filmmaker there from Atlanta who, like us, was filming the service. Because this is a religious practice indigenous to the mountainj areas of the South, it feels like a Roadside America worth-mentioning to me!! - Section, Alabama

Ooooo, lots of wierd stuff in Alabama. Probably wouldn't go way out of my way to see most of it but if I'm driving by anyway.....


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