Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ed's Christmas Card

I don't do Christmas, and haven't for years, but I always send one Christmas card.
One year my cousin, Ed, said something like: "Just send me a damn Christmas card or a postcard once in a while" so now when I've found Ed's card I'm done with my Christmas shopping. I always try to find something kind of strange and I think I may have found this years card at It's a Christmas card made out of soap. Can't get much stranger than that.
I'm spending way too much time just browsing through this catalog, Bosco's been up twice to see if maybe it's time to eat yet (it isn't, but hope springs eternal). I wish I'd known about this site when I was looking for kids presents this year.
One year I found the perfect card, it was one of those that has an old, tacky, black and white photo from the 60's or 70's pasted on the front, this one of a really bad creche, and the caption said: "Christ child maybe, but all and all Mary wished she'd asked for the epidural". It probably doesn't seem that funny but Ed is an anesthetist so it was perfect and he hung it up at the hospital where he worked.


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