Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wash Cloths

Cool wash cloths at knitty with words like STUDY and PARTY knitted into them, just think of the possibilities. It reminds me of the needlepointed FUCK OFF, I'M READING bookmark that I found last year and still haven't made.
I'd like to get organized enough to have little projects set up in a box or bag to take around with me when I travel or have to wait somewhere. Having the set of small acrylic paints with some brushes in a zipper notebook has really been working out well. I would like to get Golden Acrylics though, they really are better and I'm hoping the caps might not get messed up on the more expensive brand. I found another notebook at the thrift store that I think I'll put a watercolor set in. Knitting would have to be in something else but needlepoint would fit in a notebook.


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