Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ice Cube Trays That Look Like Legos

This is fun. Ice cube trays that look like legos.
I'm looking for silicon ice trays that make round ice cubes so I can try making gelatin eye balls for Halloween I want to make the witches fingers too, kind of gnarly looking cookies with sliced almonds for finger nails. I wonder if Jayme would like the eyeballs for her birthday too. She's having her birthday party here the week after next, I think this is her tenth. I got her a big sketch book and a book on how to draw things, one of the ones that shows, step by step, this shape then that shape, how to draw things. I was taught not to use those, but if I had, it might have given me enough confidence to feel that I was good enough to keep drawing. I was also taught not to draw or paint from photographs, but then, like 25 years later, another teacher said: "So you don't paint". So now I do, from photographs and I'm better than I thought.


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