Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We Done Give Up

We finally made it to the fiddle fest on Saturday. The stuff going on the main stage is great but it's the the little things you find going on all around you that are truly enchanting. I became aware of this note, right in front of my nose, as I was trying to get a photo of a five musicians who were just sitting around on folding chairs in the middle of the lawn.
For those of us who need reading glasses but can't find them, and yes, we did look on the tops of our heads. Also in the neck of our shirts and over there where we're absolutely, positively sure we used them last. Or was that yesterday and maybe they're in the car? Anyway, it says: (on Mt. Carmel Church of Christ stationary, no less) Larry & E - We done give up and went to sit in the chairs.
I love this place.



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