Thursday, December 21, 2006

Orangette at Smitten Kitchen and Plate Techtonics

Just found another cooking website I love called Plate Techtonics. It has a bunch of recipes I really want to try.
Lemon Ginger Cilantro Chicken Soup
Spicy Ministrone
Moroccan Spice Mix
Pan Seared Salmon with Dijon-Caper Mayonnaise and Steamed Spinach (there is a recipe for tilapia that looks good too.
Actually I found this site via Smitten Kitchen which I also found today and I'll wander back over there when I'm done with Plate Tech. There is a recipe at
Smitten Kitchen for Orangette (candied orange peel dipped in chocolate) I'd really like to try
There is also a buch of tips on using the no knead bread recipe for dinner rolls at Plate Tech.
I'm still enamored of the bread recipe, I have a loaf in the oven right now.


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