Monday, March 26, 2007

Interesting Furniture

Big round stool called "Dahlia" that unfolds , click on the photos on the right hand side of the screen to see pictures of the actual stool Or here is the link:
The same designer (Kai Linke) has some interesting art pieces as well.
I really love the surprising foldable furniture that is coming out now.
Here are some links for the evolved version of the amazing folding paper chair/couch that was demonstrated in a video out earlier this year, wow. Still no prices but it looks like they are available, theoretically anyway. I really love the big ottoman/stool type thing.
This is such a great design, it blows me away everytime I see it. I wonder how long before it trickles down into the real world (my real world anyway). The lack of pricing indicates, to me, that it's still up in the stratosphere somewhere.

Here is a site for painted furniture by Sticks. Bright colors and writing around the edges. I've seen these in some gallery type stores like the one in Jackson, Wyoming where Maryanne and I found the wonderful, welded metal bat that hangs in the doorway to my living room.

After much searching around the Jackson Hole websites, I found the little gallery where I bought the bat,. I usually have to find it by walking around until I stumble upon it. Wild Hands Art For Living...
265 W. Pearl Ave... P.O. Box 2844... Jackson WY, 83001... Phone:
307-733-4619... Email :
I think Sticks is the company that did the head and footboards, that had sunrise at the head and sunset at the foot, that I liked so much. I don't see it on their site though.
I found both of these sites while wandering around on Kind of a useful site where you can collect all the cool things that you'd like to buy someday, or at least come back and look at

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