Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How To Clicker Train Your Dog

I've seen movies of this guy (Zak George) with his frisbee dogs, he does a good job of teaching here too. The part with Juanita is probably the best example of how a clicker works that I've ever seen.

There are lots of videos on this page on clicker training. If you just watched a bunch of these, both the ones for dogs and the ones for cats, I think you would have a pretty good start in clicker training. Really a lot of good information here. Of course you would need to practice on an animal as well, but these give you a good sense of the timing and the steps to start shaping behaviors. You can do it with most anything, I've seen videos of a guy doing it with fish and the woman (Karen Pryor) who popularized clicker training is an animal behavioralist who started out training sea mamals for aquatic shows. Her book "Don't Shoot the Dog" is one of my favorite books, period. The revised edition has a lot more info in it but I like the shorter, original edition better, though you have to buy it used. She has a story in the original edition about how her son decided to reinforce it every time it did something cute and ended up with this remarkably cute kitten. Just that one short little piece in the book helped teach me more about behavioral shaping than anything else before or since.
I really like Zak and Richard Norton with his cats.
Zak asks that you leave a comment on his videos, even if it's just one word, and also that you give it a rating with the star system. It helps his youtube rating He deserves it as he obviously puts a lot of hard work into them and is very generous with his knowlege.

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