Thursday, October 26, 2006

T-shirts into Underpants

Pattern for turning t-shirts, that you don't want to wear, into underpants (with pictures) via AskMeFi. I'll probably never use this but I love it that someone was creative enough to try it. I could have used this 30 years ago.

The generation coming up now seems so much more confident than previous generations, like mine. The first thing that pops into their heads isn't "I don't know how". They have the internet and so directions for everything, and much of it free. People like helping each other, sharing what they know, and even if you run into a problem there are people out in cyberspace who will help. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to be able to look up math and science problems and learn how to figure them out without going through the humiliation of asking a question ("I just covered that. Can't you listen?") in a class full of kids whom, let's just say, don't have your best interests at heart. Not to have to raise your hand and volunteer for verbal abuse and ridicule.

And, I'm finally starting to understand why a fixed income is such a problem. Things are already getting ridiculously expensive, by the time I'm 65 I'll be eating cat food and I won't be able to afford a car. Speaking of which, I just saw a commercial shilling a car that can parallel park itself. A Lexus, I think. Another one of my dwindling stash of talents made redundant.


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