Thursday, November 16, 2006

Animal Hospital

Bosco and I went to stay with Sarah while her Mom was out of town. Bosco has hurt his leg again and Angel got hit by a car when she made a break for it out the garage door. It was like an episode of Animal Hospital. Total slapstick with Bosco hopping around on three legs and Angel banging into everything with one of those Elizabethan doggie collars she has to wear because otherwise she picks her stitches out with her teeth. They are both so stupidly cheerful. I kept forgetting to open the doors far enough to accommodate both Angel and the collar but she just kept wagging her tail, plowing things down with the collar and knocking others over with her tail.
Sarah (in the photo) is wearing the Porky Pig pajama pants she found when we went to the thrift shop on Saturday. I can't believe she liked going to the thrift store with me. Cool kid.
I'm sure Bosco injured his leg chasing squirrels. He's obsessed with them. He goes blasting across the yard and then does this heavy pawed, bouncing stop at the base of whatever the squirrel has run up. He looks like a mountain goat. I'm thinking that's when he came down on the sharp lawn edging and cut his leg. He gets his stitches out next Friday. $450 worth. For now he chases them down on three legs.
The squirrels, not the stitches.


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