Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Leonids

The Leonids are coming through on Friday. This is usually the best meteor shower of the year, at least it has been for me. They say this year should be good so I hope it's a clear night. I should go see what phase the moon is in. Here's the little blurb I heard it from. On Metafilter When the Earth passes through the remains of the this coming weekend, the peak of the Leonid meteor shower this year will be this coming Friday night. This year, however, on the and long before the moon rises. While not as exciting as in some other years it should be a great night for a meteor shower. I checked on the moon phase. : waning crescent with 9% of the moon's visible disk illuminated. As long as the skies are clear it should be a good night for shooting stars. Here is a link for the phases of the moon on any given day. http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/moon_phases.htmlIt is on the US Navy Observatory Site which has a lot of good information in general.


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