Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chew by Numbers and the Gum Tree

Here is another take on paint by numbers at Perpetual Kid. I really thought I was reading it wrong at first but yes, it is Chew by Numbers. There are two choices: a Tulip or a Face in an apple with big red lips. A picture made out of chewing gum. Keeps it from getting stuck under the table and then transferring to your knees, I suppose. They don't show real life examples, too bad. I'd like to see what it looks like but not in person, over the internet would be close enough.
OK, now I've found a website called Gum Art by the creator of the chew by numbers kit. Many, many pictures rendered in chewing gum. Very, very strange. I think it would qualify as one of those presents that you get for the children of people you don't like, or for the ones that gave your child the drum set. My jaw hurts thinking about it.
Here is a line from the artists mission statement: "...hundreds of people to donate wads of chewed gum to my palette. I've learned that almost everyone loves gum so I give the sweet, chewy stuff to anyone wanting to re-experience the joy of chewing. Of course, they have to give it back when they're done." It just gets better and better. Can you imagine the child of your target friend approaching delicatessen waitresses, people on the street, or the ticket taker at the movie theatre and asking: "Please, may I have your gum for my chew by numberts art project?"
There used to be a gum tree at the old Eliches. It was this huge tree right in the middle of where the line for the old Wild Cat Roller Coaster was with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pieces of gum stuck to it. They made you spit your gum out before you got on the Wildcat so that you wouldn't swallow it and choke while you were screaming. It became tradition to stick it on the tree instead. I wonder what happened to that tree.
I heard from Sarah this past weekend that they are closing the big, new Eliches. I always hated that they moved it, sold out to Six Flags and "improved" it. I wonder what will happen to the old wooden rollercoaster. It just isn't the same without the gum tree though.


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