Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Met - Working for a Safer London

I love following threads online. I clicked on a link in a story about Jack the Ripper, they've gone through old reports of witness descriptions of him and have come up with a sketch. Anyway, The link took me to the London Metropolitan Police website. I bet they have one for Scotland yard as well. It just never occurred to me to go poke around on websites in other countries. Duh.
On further research The Met and Scotland Yard (really New Scotland Yard) are the same thing. Scotland yard, according to Wikipedia, is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police and was originally located on Great Scotland Yard Street, thus the name.

Metropolitan Police Service Headquarters
New Scotland Yard Broadway London
Telephone: 0207 230 1212 (switchboard)

Also interesting is how often, these days, I am directed to Wikipedia when I type something into a search engine.


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