Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tessellations & M.C. Echer

Found this site ( recommended in this thread on AskMeFi. It's on tessellations and how to make them. Tessellations are those drawings that M.C. Echer did, the ones with the repeating patterns.Here is a blurb from the site recommending a book on it.
"...One book I would recommend above all others was written by a quilt designer and not a mathematician. She began at the beginning and investigated it all from scratch. As such, it is easy to understand and full of diagrams and lavish illustrations - 'Designing Tessellations' by Jinny Beyer (ISBN 0-8092-2866-1)"
I've ordered it at the library but I think I may try it this weekend from the instructions on the website.


At 01 June, 2007 22:13, Blogger jilan said...

I was looking for information on Tesselations for the art class I am currently teaching and ran across your blog...thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thanks for the info (and the great pictures of the pooches on the couch!)


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